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Excited about your Holiday.............?

With millions of us booking or going on holidays this year or next its important to start planning. With Precious Poppets we take away the stresses, and worries of having young children without a proper travel system.

The BabyZen YoYo2 is ideal for getting around the airport straight to and off the plane, the long walk to passport control and those days in and around the resort.

With it being easy to assemble and light to carry its ideal for hopping on and off the plane and travelling out and about abroad.

Being Internationally recognised as a Cabin Approved pushchair airlines are happy for this the YoYo to be stored above in the cabin hold.

This year we have already had YoYos travel around most of Europe and some exotic destinations as well as being used for City Breaks in the UK.

With hiring the YoYo being super easy via many of our methods of contact we aim to confirm bookings within 4 hours and have all paperwork across to you within 12 Hours. With little required by the hirer, its one less stress to have to worry about.

To see for yourself pop over to our website at


Stacey Gilbert

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